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Learn About Damon Station | Personal Finance Hub

I created Damon Station to offer engaging courses and gamified content that reframes money as a fun tool, not a traumatic one.

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Hi, I'm Damon Hamilton! I'm a HIGHLY humorous, super-friendly, fun finance guy, who just so happens to be heavily credentialed and extraordinarily networked. I was born into the NFL, with my father being an NFL coach, so it's easy for me to gamify concepts and make them accessible to people.


I've also been a sales/finance professional, rising to executive levels over the past 25 years. And no, I'm not even 50 years old yet. I'm still in my forties--it's just that I started working when I was still in school. My parents were obviously very disciplined about money and school, although extremely loving, so I attended some of the most elite private schools, as well as Wharton undergrad, at the University of Pennsylvania.


Somewhere between my 20s and 30s, I was also a locally popular musician playing sizable concerts in Philly, but once I got married, I noticed that I was gifted behind the scenes at producing & songwriting--so I took up those two activities, because, let's face it: they really just make more money!

If you'd like to learn the secrets behind how I quietly garner revenue, you can BUILD, GROW, and SCORE with me via my Courses page. Be sure to check out my podcast episodes as well!

My Areas of 100% Expertise

Sales & Finance

My background has been in sales of very intensive medical devices and pharmaceutical sales, so I've spent two decades driving B2B & B2C business.


Thanks to years of music mastery, I've formed relationships with top producers and mastered the music business from a very young age & teaching songwriting.


I'm a master networker because of my cross-country travels as a kid growing up almost inside of the NFL. I attended several schools, held countless jobs, hosted conferences, and built a strong Rolodex in the thousands.

My Offices

My Studio in the South

Though an avid traveler in the East Coast region, I'm officially based in the South and am enjoying winters without heavy coats. Check out my Podcast page, where I'll be launching my audio podcast & sharing video production content from my studio with you.

Want to get in touch?

Drop me a line via my Contact page, and someone on my team will direct your message promptly so we can resolve your question together!

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